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Ireland Angling Show We were delighted with the good attendance at the Ireland Angling Show Swords Exhibition show this year. Our skippers from the North West Charter Skippers Association, were there in numbers are delighted to meet old and new friends. We had plenty of enquiries for Deep Sea Angling and for sightseeing trips along the Wild […]

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Ireland Angling Show Swords

Boat Charters Sea Angling Whale and Dolphin Watch

Donegal Angling Information



Local Angling Information.


The Northwest Charter Skippers Association has been truly blessed, that their Operational area is in the most beautiful and scenic Coastline of Ireland.

The Coastline has many Interesting and varied features from Sandy Beaches and estuaries to the amazing Sea Cliffs, and craggy shores, all washed by the warm and clear waters of the North Atlantic Drift Current, which brings a wealth of Fish Species to our shores
There is a large variety of fish species available for the Boat Angler, from the Mackerel through to The Fighting Blue Shark, and Occasionally, the Giant Blue Fin Tuna, and light tackle fishing for Pollock is also very popular.

For those of you With an Interest in Eco – Tourism, we are also lucky to be visited by such species as Dolphins Porpoises and Whales, and Indeed on many days you will also see the Basking Shark Slowly swimming Past Gulping in Large Mouthfuls of Plankton, or the oddly shaped Sunfish flapping on the surface to attract the gulls to come down and pick off its Parasites.
There are fewer better places to be on a calm Sunny Day, than enjoying yourself gently bobbing up and down on a Northwest Charter Skippers Boat

On the Northwest Atlantic Coast of Ireland.




Competition Dates 2011.


Bundoran Boat And Sea Angling Club

18th  Bundoran Open Competition on 28th August 2011.   



Killybegs Sea Angling Club,

1 Killybegs Species Competition 7th May 2011.

2 Killybegs SAC 50th Anniversary Open International Boat Angling CompetitionSaturday 2nd Sunday 3rd July 2011.

3 Killybegs Host to the Master Angler Boat Competition on 20th and 21st August 2011 

Mullaghmore Sea Angling Club

1 Mullaghmore Connaught Open Gold Medal Boat 1st May 2011

2 Mullaghmore Open Competition  Sunday 17th July 2011

3 Mullaghmore Shark Safari  September 2011 


IFSA Competitions and Fixtures Dates for 2011

Fixtures already in for .


Tagging and Recapture Program

Dr. Paddy Fitzmaurice & Peter Green

The Central Fisheries Board's Marine Sportfish Tagging Programme was initiated in 1970 by the Inland Fisheries Trust, who had responsibility for developing and promoting recreational sea angling. By the late 1960s, results from sea angling competitions were showing a decline in the capture of some of the most important species such as Blue Shark, Tope, Monkfish, Skates and Rays. At that time, virtually all fish caught by anglers were killed and taken ashore for weighing and photographic opportunities. As little was known at the time about the biology and migration patterns of these species, the Inland Fisheries Trust decided to introduce a tagging programme with the explicit purpose of introducing conservation measures and to learn more about the migratory patterns of sea angling species. Sea angling tourism revenue is worth about £25 million to the Irish economy.

The skippers of angling charter boats were becoming conscious of the need for conservation and, in discussions with the Inland Fisheries Trust's staff, offered their assistance in carrying out a tagging programme. This was to be a voluntary operation.


Different types of tags were tested, including Petersen Discs, Spaghetti type tags, and jumbo Rototags which were manufactured in Ireland and used for tagging cattle. The jumbo Rototag was chosen because of ease of supply, ease of application, it is easily seen and carries a clear message stating that a reward was offered for its return to the address on the tag. The tag was applied to the posterior edge of the dorsal fin by means of an applicator. A few enthusiastic skippers were selected to initiate the tagging operation. The feedback from the participating skippers and from the anglers was most encouraging. Today there are in excess of 70 charter skippers taking part in the programme around the Irish coast.

Blue Shark is one of the largest of our marine sport fishes. They are found in Irish waters from Malin Head in Donegal, around the west and south coasts as far as Hook Head in Wexford. They occur mainly during the months of June to October and are readily caught on rod and line during settled weather conditions, and especially when the sea water temperatures exceed 14°C. They are captured by anglers by laying a trail of chopped up mackerel and fish oil, usually at a distance of 5 to 10 miles offshore.

Tag Returns
Up the end of 1998 18233 Blue Shark were tagged around the Irish coast. Recaptures have amounted to 815 fish. From the pattern of returns it is clear that the Irish stocks of Blue Shark extend across the North Atlantic. The migratory pattern appears to follow the continental shelf of Europe and West Africa across the Atlantic ocean, northward along the north-eastern

coast of South America past the West Indies and upwards towards Newfoundland, in a clockwise direction. The largest number of recaptures were in the vicinity of the Azores Islands, The majority of these are taken by Spanish fishing vessels using longlines. In the vicinity of the Canary and Cape Verde Islands, Others have been recaptured mainly by Korean and Japanese longlines.





Usefull Angling Links:



Central Fisheries Board:

Northern Regional Fisheries Board: 

Marine Institute:

Bord Iascaigh Mhara:

Donegal Angling Holidays:

World Sea Fishing:

Boat Angling Ireland:

Donegal Self Catering Accommodation Guide:



Hotel & Accommodation, Donegal, Ireland.

Jacksons Hotel Ballybofey Co Donegal

Seawinds Donegal B &B
Our Bed & Breakfast is located in the town centre of Killybegs, Ireland's largest fishing port .



Angling Supplies.


Most of the boats will be able to provide you with this service please check with your Skipper, alternatively:

Aladdin's Outdoor Sports Store

Port / Derry Road, Letterkenny

Tel:               074 9177905       

Charles Bonner

The Bridge, Dungloe

Tel:               074 9521163       

Charlie Doherty

Main Street, Donegal Town

Tel:               074 9721119       

Top Tackle

55, Port Road, Letterkenny

Tel:               074 9167545       

Lough Swilly Flies & Angling Centre

Roughpark, Ramelton Road, Letterkenny

Tel:               074 9168496       
Mobile:               087 2929888

Barretts Fishing Tackle

Main Street Bundoran.

Tel:               071 98 42266        

Mobile:               087 2925310       

For all your Fishing Requirements


Sean Carty Land and Sea Sports

West End,  Bundoran.

Mobile:   086 3903655

Crana Anglers


Tel:               074 93 63733       

G. O. Neill


Tel:               074 97 37209        

B. Mc Gill


Tel:               074 95 41262       


 Boat Tackle and Rigs


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