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Ireland Angling Show We were delighted with the good attendance at the Ireland Angling Show Swords Exhibition show this year. Our skippers from the North West Charter Skippers Association, were there in numbers are delighted to meet old and new friends. We had plenty of enquiries for Deep Sea Angling and for sightseeing trips along the Wild […]

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Ireland Angling Show Swords

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Satellite Navigation


Latitude and Longitude GPS Positions (WGS84) are all giving in Degrees, Minutes and decimals points (DDD°mm.mmm).

 To convert geographic coordinates to other formats e.g. DDD° MM'SS.S" or DDD.DDDDD.

Click Here and enter the relevant position in degrees and minutes.


Rosses Point:  54°18.28' North.  008° 34.32' West.
This is for Stingray.
Mullaghmore:  54° 27.95' North  008° 26.75' West.
This is for Kiwi Girl and Asseroe Star.
Bundoran:  54° 28.65' North.  008° 17.28' West.
This is for Bundoran star.
Creevy:  54° 31.84' North.  008° 15.26' West.
This is for Duanai Mara.
Mountcharles:  54° 37.79' North. 008° 12.25' West.
This is for Smoothhound.
Killybegs:  54° 38.13' North.  008° 26.54' West.
This is for Meridian and Duanai Mara

Teelin:   54° 37.46' North.  008° 37.86' West.                                                                                                     This is for Nuala Star.

Portnoo:  54° 50.54' North.  008° 27.94' West.                                                                                                  This is for Tor Mór

Burtonport:  54° 58.95' North.  008° 26.52' West. 
This is for West Donegal Charters.
Kincasslagh:  55° 01.86' North.  008° 27' West.
This is for Caitlín Marie.
Rathmullan:  55° 05.7' North.  007° 31.79' West.
This is for Rathmullan Charters.
Culdaff:  55° 17.99' North. 007° 09.26' West.
This is for Inishowen Boating.

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